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Links and Resources

As anyone who has studied the cruise industry has found, there is lots of information out there to be read, but it is sometimes difficult to tease out that which is important and that which is a waste of time to look at.  This page attempts to provide links to useful resources and key information.  If there are links that need to be added, please let us know by writing to:

Useful On-line Resources for an Industry Overview

Cruise Community -- a website maintained by Seatrade

Cruise Line International Association -- see twice yearly issued "Cruise Industry Overview" (In the Press Room -- requires registration)

Cruise Lines and Cruise Related Links
  (a good collection of links to cruise lines, ports, suppliers, and more)

Carnival Corporation Annual Reports, 1997 - present

Royal Caribbean Cruises Limited Annual Reports, 1996 - present

For other corporate information, see the respective company's filings with the US Securities and Exchange Commission.  These are available at each company's website (i.e., Carnival Corp and RCCL).  Of particular interest are quarterly and annual reports (Forms 10Q and 10K for Carnival; 20F and 6K for RCCL), as well as reports to annual meetings of shareholders (e.g., Form 14A for Carnival).  In addition to financial information, these filings include details about the Board of Directors, about remuneration received by officers and and board members, about law suits and other legal issues having financial implications for the company, about the ships owned by the corporation and its divisions and constituent companies, and much much more.  Though they can be at times laborious to read, the information garnered is often invaluable depending on the nature of reserach being undertaken.

Cruise Industry Lobbying and Trade Organizations On-Line

International Council of Cruise Lines (the industry's Washington-based lobbyist)
    Lots of good information, but all from a pro-industry perspective)

Florida-Caribbean Cruise Association (the industry's trade organizations focussed on the Caribbean)

NorthWest Cruiseship Association (Vancouver-based trade organization focussed on cruise industry interests in the Pacific Northwest and Hawai'i

Cruise Europe  (Marketing organization for ports in Northern and Western Europe)

Cruise Med
(Marketing organization for ports in the Mediterranean)

The Passenger Shipping Association (UK-based organization promoting passenger travel by sea)

Cruise Industry Critics On-Line

Cruise Junkie dot com
(A general interest website with links to many useful resources)

Bluewater Network (Environmental organization based in San Francisco)

Livable Oldtown  (Community-based organization in Key West, FL)

Oceana's Cruise Ship Pollution Campaign  (Envioronmental organization based in Washington, DC)

War on Want Sweatships Campaign  (UK-based devoted to fighting poverty)

Law Firms With Cases Involving the Cruise Industry (some with on-line newsletters)

Beard Stacey Trueb & Jacobsen, Seattle and Anchorage

Crewmember and Maritime Advocacy Center, Miami

Eriksen Law Firm (Travel Law)

Harris and Moure, Seattle

John (Jack) H. Hickey, Miami

Hoffman & Schweitzer Law Firm, New York & New Jersey

Charles Lipcon, Miami

Vujasinovic & Beckcom - Maritime Accident Attorney, Houston

James Walker, Miami (Cruise Law)

Toyne and Mayo (Maritime Crew and Passenger Claims)

Irwin Mitchell Solicitors, Birmingham, UK

Useful Trade Magazines

Cruise Business Review

Cruise Industry News Quarterly

International Cruise and Ferry Review (not on-line)

Lloyd's Cruise International

Lloyd's List (Daily newspaper concerned with shipping available only by subscription)

Seatrade Cruise Review

Consumer-focussed Periodicals

Cruise Magazine

Cruise Travel Magazine

Porthole Cruise Magazine