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, Maria L.  "Antarctic Tourism Must Be Managed, Not Eliminated," Forum for Applied Research & Public Policy, 1994, 9:1 (Spring), 76-79

Tourism in
Antarctica has increased steadily, served by commercial flights, cruise ships, and private yachts. During the 1991-1992 summer season, 6200 tourists visited Antarctica, compared with fewer than 2000 a decade earlier. Tourism poses a serious risk to the fragile Antarctic environment. The Antarctic Treaty contains six recommendations that require: advance notice of nongovernmental expeditions; authorization to visit; familiarity with treaty provisions; professional guides accompanying tour groups; insurance; and compliance with regulations on waste disposal, marine pollution, conservation of flora and fauna, and management of protected areas. These rules are inadequate in view of the growing influx of visitors, so treaty nations are considering more stringent regulations. Several nations currently are conducting scientific studies on the impact of tourism in Antarctica. The need for stricter controls to ensure responsibly conducted tourism is discussed.