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Fogg, Jeth Al

Cruise ship port planning factors
Ph.D., Florida International University, 2001, 126 pages

The predictions contained within this dissertation suggest further rapid growth of the cruise industry and the requirement for additional cruise ship berthing worldwide. The factors leading to the tremendous growth in the cruise marketplace are identified and individually addressed. Unfortunately, planning factors associated with the design and construction of cruise ship seaports are not readily available and methods to manage this growth have not been addressed. This dissertation provides accurate and consolidated planning factors essential for comprehensive consideration of cruise ship requirements and design of growing cruise ship ports. The consolidation of these factors results in faster and better informed choices for the port owner/operator with regard to port expansion. Furthermore, this dissertation proposes development of new systems to better manage increasing passenger and ship traffic. If implemented, this will result in optimized port systems providing a greater level of service to passengers and port authorities while simultaneously minimizing environmental and economic impact.