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Goujard, B., Sakout, A. Valeau, V.  "Acoustic comfort on board ships: An evaluation based on a questionnaire," Applied Acoustics, 2005, 66:9, 1063-1073

An initial attempt has been made to understand factors that determine acoustic comfort for cruise ship passengers. Although no literature directly pertinent to the question could be found, use of elements from studies on railways coaches in a questionnaire administered to shipbuilder and sub-contractor professionals on board during sea trials was judged a relevant initial approach. The questionnaire, consisting of closed questions followed by open questions, was drawn up to assess acoustic comfort in relation to others factors (such as temperature or light) and to identify the main conditions causing acoustic discomfort. During two sea trials 100 questionnaires were completed. Acoustics, then temperature, are pointed out as the first two comfort criteria and the priorities for improvement. Creaking and squeaking noises, noise of engines and whistles from HVAC are the main reported causes of annoyance. The results of the investigation demonstrate the prominent role of acoustics in respect of ship-board comfort.