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Hughes, Ken.  "Marine Applications of Ozone--A Global Perspective," Water Conditioning & Purification, 2000, 42:11
(November), 70-71

Although ocean-going ships can make clean fresh water using reverse osmosis systems, water can become contaminated and people can get sick from it if holding tanks are not clean, as has happened on several cruise ships. Another source of contamination is taking on water from treatment plants in exotic locales, where disinfection does not meet the standards of the developed world. Chlorine has not been an acceptable means of disinfection because of poor performance or harmful by-products. Ozone is a more effective disinfection choice for yacht and cruise ship operators. Marine applications of ozone for drinking water supplies, sewage treatment, and ballast water discharges are being engineered. Several hundred large luxury boats and research ships already have ozone systems on board. The market for marine applications of ozone treatment is secure.