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Mescon, Timothy S. and George S. Vozikis.  "The economic impact of tourism at the port of Miami," Annals of Tourism Research, 1985, 12:4, 515-528

The total disaggregated economic impact that cruise industry tourism has on Dade County is examined in economic terms using a regional input-output model developed by the Regional Science Research Institute. The analysis indicates that cruise industry tourism at the Port of Miami had a total economic impact on Dade County of $546 million in 1982. The total direct, indirect and induced number of jobs generated by the cruise industry and cruise passengers is 21,627. Wages totalling $271 million were paid in 1982 in Dade County as a result of the total impact of the cruise industry. Finally, the model revealed that cruise industry tourism contributed $264 million to the county's Gross Regional Product in 1982.