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Persaud, B. and Douglas, J.  "Tourism and environmental protection in the Caribbean," Ecodecision, 1996, No. 20, 58-60

Abstract:  This article recognizes the importance of the environment to tourism and suggests that a sustainable approach to tourism development should be encouraged, that sees environmental protection as a way of enhancing the economic value of tourism. In the Caribbean, one of the most popular forms of tourism is based around island cruises. To minimize the effect of this type of tourism on the environment, islands must cooperate in setting minimum head taxes so that cruise ship companies cannot play off one island against another. If a minimum charge is fixed taking into account the general value of the environment, individual islands could charge higher rates in accordance with their own attractiveness and circumstances. If an island has large numbers of stay-over visitors, and its resources are under pressure, it could limit cruise ship visits by levying a high head tax.