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Puar, Jasbir Kaur.  "Circuits of Queer Mobility: Tourism, Travel, and Globalization," Gay and Lesbian Quarterly, 2002, 8:1-2, 101-137

The construction of global & local sexualities through tourism - & attendant conflicts - are examined via an analysis of the international cruise ship industry. The development of tourism directed at gay & lesbian consumers is traced, & promotional materials from various world cities are examined, along with statistical data on the economic impacts of such tourism. Conflicts between the interests of globalized travel & postcolonial gay/lesbian identities are discussed, highlighting issues of gay rights & the abilities of governments to intervene in the foreign locales to which their cruise ships travel. The involvement of gay rights & other nongovernmental organizations in such matters is also explored, & links between gay/human rights activism & tourism are identified.

Puar, Jasbir Kaur.  "Global Circuits: Transnational Sexualities and Trinidad," Signs, 2001, 26, 4, summer, 1039-1065

Discusses a series of interviews with gay & lesbian activists in Trinidad & other parts of the Caribbean to evaluate relationships between globalization, gender, & sexuality. Main topics include the impact of globalization & postcolonial gay & lesbian identities on tourism, as illustrated by a test case in which a gay cruise ship with 900 US passengers was refused docking privileges at the Cayman Islands; public response to a drag contest held each year in Trinidad; related issues of Indian & African racial antagonism in the Caribbean; the recent "outing" of gay persons, places, & events in Trinidad via the Internet & the tourism industry; & the need for further research to determine if globalization promotes recognizable gay & bisexual identities.