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Pugh, R. E.; Selvey, L.; Crome, M. and Beers, M.  "Onshore catering increases the risk of diarrhoeal illness amongst cruise ship passengers,"  Communicable Diseases Intelligence, 2001, 25:1, 15-17

In May 1999, of 134 Queensland (Australia)passengers on a cruise, 91 (67.9%) people reported various illnesses including 41 (30.6%) who reported diarrhoeal symptoms. Queensland passengers who ate while onshore at non-Australian ports were significantly more at risk of developing diarrhoeal symptoms than those who did not. Passengers were particularly at risk when they ate onshore while undertaking a tour compared with those who did not undertake this tour. Travellers should be warned of the possibility of contracting diarrhoeal illness from onshore catering.