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Thompson, Eric A.  "An Orderly Mess: The Use of Mess Areas in Identity Shaping of Cruise Ship Workers," Sociological Imagination, 2004, 40:1, 15-29

Drawing from an 11-week participant observation on a cruise ship of a well-known cruise line, I describe how management's creation of a convergent role structure (where race, status, & occupation converge) directs & defines cruise workers' social identity to their group. Particularly, I focus on the divided mess areas as the most potent mechanism in displaying & reinforcing the convergent role structure, & influencing the cognitive & emotional components of cruise workers' social identification to their group.

Thompson, Eric.  "Engineered Corporate Culture on a Cruise Ship," Sociological Focus, 2002, 35:4 (Nov), 331-344

Drawing from an 11-week participant observation aboard a cruise ship, I use the concept of "engineered corporate culture" as described by Ezzy to illustrate how crew culture is engineered for normative control. In particular, I focus on how a convergent role structure (based on race, occupation, & status) is used in the segregation of eating areas into the officer's, staff, & general crew messes, reflecting three classes of crew. I show that such segregation allows management to control crew subjectivity, leading to normative control.