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de la Viña, Lynda and Jamie Ford.  "Logistic Regression Analysis of Cruise Vacation Market Potential: Demographic and Trip Attribute Perception Factors," Journal of Travel Research, 2001, 39:4, 406-410

This article describes the demographic and trip attribute factors of potential cruise passengers based on a nationwide sample of persons who previously requested travel information for tourist destinations in South Texas from regional convention and visitors bureaus. The analysis used logistic regression modeling. The key factors in determining the propensity to choose a cruise vacation are marital status, income, previous cruise vacation experience, cost, the duration of the cruise, visiting new destinations, and the availability of a precruise or postcruise package. Factors that were not found to be statistically significant included the typical number of pleasure trips per year, the itinerary, direct air flights to the departure city, accessibility from the airport to the ship, gender, age, educational attainment, and number of children in the household.