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World Tourism Organization.  Worldwide cruise ship activity, 2003, 216 pp

This book examines the activity of sea cruises. The concept of the modern tourist cruise is defined in chapter 1. Chapters 2 and 3 analyse in greater detail the current demand for tourist cruises within a global context and from a socioeconomic viewpoint, followed by a similar examination of supply and cruise line business structure. Chapter 4 is a study of the tourist product itself, including the main itineraries. Chapter 5 is devoted to the interaction between the cruise and its surroundings, analysing financial aspects, the sustainability of the marine environment and passenger security. Spending patterns at the destination and the price or fare of cruise trips are also considered in the first section of the chapter. Chapter 6 forecasts medium term (4 years) macro-trends in the cruise sector. It clarifies and identifies the worldwide opportunities in relation to this maritime trade. Chapter 7 deals with and defines terms from the shipping world. Chapter 8 details two examples of important figures within the cruise tourism sector, i.e., the spending carried out at the destination and the possible future demand of these types of trip.