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Wood, Robert E.  "Carribean of the East? Global Interconnections and the Southeast Asian Cruise Industry," Asian Journal of Social Science, 2002, 30:2, 420-440

Discusses the significance of the Southeast Asian cruise industry in light of globalization, deterritorialization,& new linkages between Southeast Asia and the Caribbean. Trade, environmental, & maritime-law implications are examined, followed by considerations of Southeast Asian cruise industry workers; the incorporation of Southeast Asian culture into the Caribbean cruise package; &; the well-being & future of the industry & its Caribbean reach. The conclusion reiterates the importance of deterritorialization for the Southeast Asian tourism sector.

Wood, Robert E..  "Caribbean cruise tourism: Globalization at sea," Annals of Tourism Research, 2000, 27:2 (April), 345-370

Caribbean cruise tourism provides a particularly illuminating vantage point for understanding the processes of globalization in the world today. After documenting the rapid expansion of this business, the paper explores three central manifestations of globalization at work in the Caribbean cruise industry: the restructuring of the industry in the face of global competition, capital mobility, and labor migration; new patterns of global ethnic recruitment and stratification, including their incorporation into the product marketed to tourists; and deterritorialization, cultural theming, and simulation. The paper asserts that this "globalization at sea" illustrates the contradictions, ambiguities, and unchartered course of contemporary globalization processes.